What to Include on your New Orleans Wedding Website


Your wedding website is a great way to convey details to your guests, especially if you’re planning a destination wedding. Your website can help guests plan for their travel to your wedding, and let them know what to expect at the wedding (since things can be a little different than what they are used to here in New Orleans!). Plus, you can avoid getting inundated with messages from guests as your date approaches - just send them the link to the website!

Accommodations and Travel

Here you will include information on any Hotel blocks you have set up. You may also want to advise everyone about the best way to get around if they are coming from out of town. For New Orleans, it’s usually more cost effective to use cabs, Uber, or Lyft. Rental cars have to be parked, and parking at the hotels can be $40-50/night. Plus, many of the major attractions are within walking distance.

Suggested Activities

Many of your wedding guests will extend their stay in New Orleans to give themselves time to explore all that the city has to offer. Giving them a list of suggested activities and spots to check out is a great way to extend a little extra hospitality to your guests.

Second Line Description

If almost all of your guests would be clueless about what to do during a second line, a little description can be helpful. Plus they’ll know to bring their boogie shoes.

New Orleans Style Reception Description

New Orleans receptions are done a little differently. Sometimes not having assigned seating can lead to confusion. Spreading the word about the reception style before the wedding can help your guests to not get flustered when there is not a seating chart.

Unplugged Ceremony

If you don’t want a bunch of phones in the photos as you and your bridal party walk down the aisle, remind people to put their phones away as often as possible. No better place to start getting the message across early than your wedding website.

Schedule of Events

List the time and address of any events that are open to all guests. For events that are only open to some of the guests, you may consider a password protected portion of the site. Either way, always be sure to use the address that guests will need to use to navigate to the proper entrance. For example, Latrobe’s is on Royal Street, but you need to enter through 707 Conti St.

Contact Form

A contact form on the website is a great way to get communication from your guests. You can gather food allergy info or use it for song requests.

Dress Code

Some folks feel wary of trying to dictate what their guests will wear. In reality, a little snippet about your dress code should ease any anxiety your guests might be feeling about what will be appropriate to wear.


I loved using Zola for my wedding registry. We did not need a lot of stuff, and Zola allowed us to create different cash funds for specific experiences, like a special dinner on our honeymoon. Depending on where your guests are from they may feel that giving cash is “tacky”, so this is a good middle ground. You can also add items from any website, which gives you the option to add things beyond your typical household goods (maybe a new camera or some tools?).


Save a tree and collect RSVP’s online! You can also keep track of meal selections, if people will want to use any transportation you are providing, and more. Take advantage of this technology to make your life a little easier.